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My name is John Allen. I grew up in Bingley, West Yorkshire, until the summer of 1965. By that time I had completed my first year at Bingley Grammar School. My family then moved to Middlesbrough, where I went to Acklam Hall Grammar School for Boys. In 1968 Acklam Hall Grammar School amalgamated with Kirby Grammar School for Girls. Acklam High School was born as a 14-18 Comprehensive School. In 1969/70 we moved to Morecambe. I stayed on at Acklam to finish 6th form, living with Mrs Burnicle at 28 Harrow Rd, Linthorpe during term time.

At the start of my first Games Lesson (i.e. Rugby) at Acklam Hall, Mr Pickersgill had said, in a broad West Yorkshire accent, "He comes from Bingley, so he must be good". After that I was often called 'Bing'. Later I was called 'Skull'. After sixth-form I went to Leeds University, had a good time and 'successfully' completed a degree in Civil Engineering. This led on to a P.G.C.E. at Bingley College of Education and a career in teaching.

I live in Lancaster with Michele. Together we have two married daughters and 4 grandchildren.

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Christine Hird

Christine Hird

This is an image of my aunt, Christine Hird. She was only about one year older than me, but died in February 2020. It was made from a scanned 35mm slide. The original photograph was taken by my father, Jack Allen, at a Christmas party held at my Auntie Joan's Guest House in Morecambe. It was probably 1968 when Christine was 16.