Audrey Allen

16 December 2020

My mother, Audrey Allen (Doris Audrey Allen), was born Doris Audrey Hird, 22 April 1927 in Bradford. She was married to my father Jack (John Alfred Allen). Audrey died 22 October 2000, aged 73.

Jack and Audrey had 3 sons - Michael Leslie Allen (born 26/1/48), John Christopher Allen (born 21/1/53) and Kenneth Warren Allen (born 27/10/58).

Audrey Hird - Ballet Dancer

Ballet Dancer

Audrey Hird marries Jack Allen

Wedding day

Audrey and Sons

Audrey and Sons

A few years ago (probably 2013) Michele, Annik and I were walking in the Howgills, near Sedbergh. Whilst we were at the top of a hill, what looked like a very old man came into view. We watched as he slowly and steadily made his way up to join us. Admiring the view together, we began to chat. After a while it became apparent that for many years he had been responsible for the council run operations on Morecambe promenade in the 1970's and 1980's. This included the swimming pools, piers, lifeguards etc.

As we started walking down the hill together, I said (something like), "You must have known my dad, Jack Allen. He was the maintenance man at Bubbles for a few years."

Bubbles was the swimming pool that had replaced the old open air lido. My dad had taken the maintenance job when he was nearing retirement. The man had known my dad and for a few minutes we talked about him together.

Then he turned to me and said (something like), "Well you must be Audrey's son!"

For many years my mum worked at the Job Centre in Morecambe. As well as guaranteeing that I always had summer holiday employment, she was knowm by most employers in the area. Every year the old man had relied on her to find the right employees for the summer season. For the rest of the walk down he reminisced about his many dealings with my mum, talking about her with great warmth and admiration.

Audrey and Kenneth

Audrey & Kenneth

Audrey and John

Audrey & John

Audrey and Michael

Audrey & Michael

Family Tree

A few years ago Kenneth did some Ancestry research and produced a family tree for our parents. The image below is a poor photo (which I took) of Audrey's family tree. Click on the image for a much clearer picture.

Audrey Allen (nee Hird) Family Tree

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