Cast of Characters

The Hird Family

Great Grandparent

Florrie Warren

Florrie Warren Florrie Warren was my Great Grandmother or 'Nan' as we called her. She was my grandmother's mother on my mother's side of the family - The Hirds. Florrie was very close to my mum, which I think was because my mum had spent so much time with her as she was growing up. In many ways my mum was closer to her than her mother. Florrie lived with us, on and off, for a number of years. When I was about eight or nine she took a brand new first floor flat at Myrtle Court in Bingley. I remember it well - underfloor heating too. She must have died when I was about ten.


Lily Hird (née Warren)

Lily Hird (née Warren) My Grandmother and Florrie Warren's daughter. I assume she married Willy Hird when she was quite young. Well, eventually she had seven children over a period of about 30 years - Joan, Audrey, Maureen, Dennis, Stanley, Roy and Christine. Sadly, as I understand it, Dennis was killed when he was a toddler. I think he was 'run over' by a horse and cart. I can clearly remember the photograph of him, but unfortunately I don't have a copy. I'm not sure how long they lived there, but whilst I was growing up, Willy and Lily lived in a terraced house on Beverley Street, Laisterdyke, Bradford. Or was it Tyersal?

Willy Hird

Willy Hird Willy Hird. My grandfather. Husband of Lily and father of Joan, Audrey, Maureen, Dennis, Stanley, Roy and Christine. Like many of the people in Bradford, he worked in the woollen industry, where I think he was a foreman. He was a big man, enjoyed a beer or two and was always good company. When I'm walking along with the sun behind me, the shadow of my head always reminds me of him. Bald on top and big ears. As I was growing up in Bingley we would visit my grandparents house regularly - I always think of it as Friday evenings, but I may be totally wrong.

Parents, Aunts and Uncles

Joan Gavins (née Hird)

Joan Gavins (née Hird) Auntie Joan. Eldest daughter of Lily and Willy Hird. Wife of Jack Gavins and mother of Vareena, Dennis and Julie. Auntie Joan and Uncle Jack were always there throughout my life until they died. And they were always nice to me. I remember them living on Beverley Street, a few doors away from Auntie Maureen and Uncle Joe and across the road from my grandparents. They had a Fish and Chip shop in Bradford for some time before moving to Morecambe and 'The Kader" guest house. Later on they became committed members of the Salvation Army.

Jack Gavins

Jack Gavins Uncle Jack. Husband of Joan and father of Vareena, Dennis and Julie. Jack died aged 91 on 16th January 2015. I was lucky enough to have visited him quite a few times in the previous couple of years at The Sands care home on the prom in Morecambe. Often Vareena and David would be there. The view from his room was spectacular.

Audrey Allen (née Hird)

Audrey Allen (née Hird) Mum. Doris Audrey Allen. Second daughter of Lily and Willy Hird. Wife of Jack Allen and mother of Michael, John and Kenneth. Born 22 April 1927 in Bradford, died 22 October 2000, aged 73.

Jack Allen

Jack Allen Dad. John Alfred Allen. Husband of Audrey and father of Michael, John and Kenneth. Born 26 August 1923 in Bingley, West Yorkshire, died on the 11th November 2012, aged 89.

Maureen Coupe (née Hird)

Maureen Coupe (née Hird) Auntie Maureen. Third daughter of Lily and Willy Hird. Wife of Joe and mother of Janice. 17 Beverley Street. I remember Auntie Maureen, Uncle Joe and Janice living on Beverley Street, a few doors away from Auntie Joan and Uncle Jack and across the road from my grandparents.

Joe Coupe

Joe Coupe Uncle Joe. Husband of Maureen and father of Janice. Frank Sinatra with a Yorkshire accent. Famous for his dalek impersonation, using a sink plunger stuck on his forehead (famous to me, anyway). He must have died when we lived in Middlesbrough, probably in his late forties.

Stanley Hird

Stanley Hird Uncle Stan. Eldest son of Lily and Willy Hird (although Dennis Hird may have been born earlier than Stanley). Husband of Jean and father of Stephen and Julie Dawn.

Jean Hird

Jean Hird Auntie Jean. Wife of Stan and mother of Stephen and Julie Dawn.

Roy Hird

Roy Hird Roy. Youngest son of Lily and Willy Hird. Husband of Margaret and father of Beverley and Lisa.

Margaret Hird

Margaret Hird Margaret. Wife of Roy and mother of Beverley and Lisa.

Christine Hird/Tatum (née Hird)

Christine Hird Christine. Youngest daughter of Lily and Willy Hird. Mother of Samantha and Richard. Wife of Dennis Tatum for several years. Mother of Samantha and Richard.

Dennis Tatum

Dennis Tatum Father of Samantha and Richard. Husband of Christine for several years.


Vareena Infield (née Gavins)

Vareena & David Eldest daughter of Jack and Joan Gavins. Sister of Dennis and Julie. Married to David Infield. Mother of Andrew and Joanne. The photo shows Vareena and David c. 1971 (her Uncle Roy bottom right).

Dennis Gavins

Dennis & Jacquie Only son of Joan and Jack Gavins. Younger brother of Vareena and elder brother to Julie. Always reminded me of Freddy Garrity (as in Freddy and the Dreamers) and always looked happy. He married Jacquie in about 1967 and together they had four children: Paul, Chris, Lee & Vicky. Dennis died 2 March 2021, aged 75. The photograph shows Dennis and Jacquie c. 1969.

Julie Gavins

Julie Gavins Youngest daughter of Jack and Joan Gavins. Younger sister to Vareena and Dennis. Julie married Michael Murphy and together they had two children: Michelle and Graham. The photo shows Julie in about 1962, aged about 6.

Janice Coupe

Janice Coupe Maureen and Joe Coupe's daughter. Janice married Douglas (Dougie) Firth in 1978 and together they had two children: Katy and Jonathan. As a teenager, she may well have been a Girl Guide.

Stephen Hird

Stephen Hird Stanley and Jean Hird's son. I think he was in the Merchant Navy/Fleet Air Arm and stayed in Portsmouth after leaving. Married to Maria with five children (I think). The photo shows Stephen at Julie's wedding in 2004.

Julie Dawn Foster (née Hird)

Julie Dawn Foster Stanley and Jean Hird's daughter born in 1962. Always known in our family as 'Julie Dawn', presumably to distinguish her from Julie Gavins. Married Kurt Allen, moved to USA and had two children, Kristian and Georgina. Later married Tony Foster. The photo shows Julie at her wedding in 2004.

Beverley Geldert (née Hird)

Beverley Geldert (née Hird) Roy and Margaret's eldest daughter born in 1967. Sister of Lisa.

Lisa Hird

Lisa Hird Roy and Margaret's youngest daughter born in 1968. Sister of Beverley.

Samantha Tatum Donnelly

Samantha Tatum Donnelly Christine and Dennis' daughter. Sister to Richard and married to Eamon.

Richard Tatum

Richard Tatum Christine and Dennis' son. Brother to Samantha. Youngest of the cousins and sadly the first to die (Boxing Day 1999 aged 28).