Restless Summer

January 2022

I wrote and recorded 'Restless Summer' during the first lockdown in 2020.

The video was made with imovie using open source, royalty free video clips.

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Download the lyrics and chords (Word file)

Restless Summer

©John Allen/Richard Varey

You can probably tell from the smile on my face I’ve been drinking
But in this daze of disgrace I’m only searching for light
And when everything’s said, we know all that we did was probably wasted
Now I’m flailing and floundering, condemned to the night

The BBC say a storm is coming
The depression is deep and the trouble near
Could be a restless summer

Now I don’t know why, but recently I have been dreaming
Beleaguered by demons, frightened, lost, insecure
Traces of moments past with no future
Mesmerised by a look that proved premature

The weatherman says a north wind’s blowing
There’s a deepening low and it’s on the way
Could be a restless summer

Paper planes, photographs and memories
Endless days and letters in the sand