A Great Disguise

18 March 2024

This is another song recorded 'live' in the attic at Rawstorne Road, Penwortham in 2011. The song was written in about 1995. Electric versions are on The Playlist.

That's a Great Disguise

©John Allen

Where' you going
What did you say
Back or forward
Or do we just stay where we are

When the light goes out
I can't see your eyes
There's no doubt that's a great disguise
It's no surprise I'm here with you

What' you thinking
What did you do
I know that feeling
I've been there too many ...

Time is passing
Time is slipping by
I'm past the point where I need to cry
You're wondering why I'm here with you

And there's no doubt I'm feeling stronger than before
And there's no doubting that I want you
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