Drum Map Reaper

23 July 2020

This is my biggest hit on YouTube with 26000 views to date. I have no idea if the video is still relevant as it was made in 2011. I think it is best viewed full screen, 720p.

A drum map for Reaper essentially consists of a text file (.txt) which includes numbers (which correspond to notes on a midi keyboard controller) together with the name of the drum part. The number and name are separated by a space.

The text file used in the video starts like this:

// MIDI note name map
60    SIKit.txt
//Kick Drums
35    AcousticBassDrum
36    BassDrum
etc. etc.

i.e. Note 35 will play the Acoustic Bass Drum, and Note 36 will play the Bass Drum. Note 60 doesn't play anything so I've used it to label the Drum Map. The // is used for comments which do not show up when the drum map is loaded into Reaper.

By double clicking on the midi track in Reaper, the midi editor is opened. The usual drum view is enabled by going to:

View --> Mode: named notes
View --> Mode: Diamonds (drum mode)

The map is loaded by going to:

File --> Load note names from file