Long Distance Walks

February 2022

Our holidays invariably involve 'going for a walk'. In fact, often we'll arrive back from a walk only for Michele to suggest going for a bit of a walk. Over the years I've got used to it. I now realise that "shall we go and have a look at that hill" means "we're going for a long walk up that mountain". Anyway, she's got me well broken in. She even got me to do the Pennine Way.

We've walked a number of long distance footpaths, which are listed below. Michele has walked the Cleveland Way at least 5 times and the Coast to Coast and Pennine Way twice. I think I've done the Cleveland Way twice. The West Highland Way was the last walk we did before the pandemic. What a glorious walk. Unfortunately/fortunately, I had a bad hip at the time so I probably did about half to two thirds of it.

At the time of writing I'm recovering from the side effects of radiotherapy (prostate cancer). It's been absolutely awful. As an extra incentive to make a complete recovery, Michele has booked us in to walk the Dalesway in September. Fortunately, I have come to realise that a long distance walk is the best type of holiday we do.

The Allen Way
A number of backpacking walks in the late 1980's devised by Michele.

The Cleveland Way
110 miles

The White Peak Way
95 miles - probably early 1990s

The Dalesway
80 miles - probably early 1990s

The Coast to Coast
182 miles - July/August 2005

The Stevenson Trail
140 miles - June/July 2006

The Beacons Way
99 miles - July 2007

The South West Coast Path
Westward Ho! to Padstow
79 miles - 21 to 27 June 2009

St Ives to Helford
91.5 miles - 13 to 19 June 2010

St Anthony Head to Portwrinkle
61 miles - February 2012

Padstow to St Ives
66.5 miles - 2 to 7 July 2015

The Pennine Way
268 miles - 14 to 31 May 2016

Tour du Mont Blanc
112 miles - August/September 2017

Offa's Dyke Path
177 miles - May 2018

The West Highland Way
96 miles - April/May 2019