25 March 2024

I wrote and recorded this song a long, long time ago. Made this video today messing about with iMovie. Spot the glitches - it's not too difficult. The water is the River Aire in Bingley, taken from Island Bridge in Myrtle Park. The video also features our house, Lancaster Railway Station and Avignon.


I am an Island in the sea
I have it all, I am the man I need to be
Men in suits still build their houses in the sand
I am an island in the sea

I am an island in the sun
Warming in the dawn of the day that's just begun
Nine to fives still build their castles in the air
I am an island in the sun

What of tomorrow
It's still there
All it's troubles
I don't care
I am an island in the sun

Islands©John Allen/Richard Varey